Brick restoration services in Geelong

Brick has been around for years, and we take pride in preserving the old styles and structures of aged buildings in the Geelong and Melbourne areas. 

Heritage services

Our employees are specially trained heritage bricklayers and love their work. We offer a comprehensive list of heritage bricklaying services to renew the beautiful traditional look of any worn or damaged brick structure. 
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Our services include:

  • Restoring heritage facades
  • Matching for restorations and renovations
  • Dismantling brick walls and reusing materials
  • Repointing
  • Crack stitching
  • Pinning
  • Tuckpointing

Attention to detail

We will repair your brick structures quickly and beautifully. We always take care of the smallest details so you never have to worry. Our comprehensive services include all the labour, materials and provisions needed for the project. 

Just give us a call and we will get started on your brickwork as soon as possible. A & R Durran Bricklaying is here to help.
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20 years in the bricklaying industry

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